• 2019/10/4
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葡萄品种: 100%霞多丽

酒  精 度:13%vol

产       区:智利/中央山谷

土       壤:粘土壤土,含碳酸盐

Tasting Notes/品尝记录


Food Pairing /食物搭配

最佳饮用温度为 14度,单独饮用或搭配鱼类,贝类以及奶酪



Welcome to Chile, an exceptional country in the southernmost place in the world.


A country with an extraordinary landscape and unique soils. It is worldwide recognized for the exceptional wine.


In this unique place with an extraordinary soil was borned Chiloe Wines. Chiloe Wines is an exclusive winery located in Central Valley area.


The name “Chiloe Wines” is a tribute of one of the most beautiful and magical islands in the south of the country: Chiloe.

“奇洛埃葡萄酒”这个名字来自于智利南部最美丽、最神奇的岛屿之一: 奇洛埃岛

In this island many visitors get in love of the landscape, the colors of the architecture, and all the legends that the local people trespass to all the visitors. It makes this island a   charmed place


Chiloe vineyards are located in 3 important valleys with special terroir: Central Valley, Rapel Valley, and Maipo valley.


The microclimate and the soil of these valleys allow the growing of different grape varieties. Especially Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.


The climate allows a long growing season, an essential condition for an optimum ripeness.


Every detail on the Winemaking process of Chiloe Wines is carefully made by exceptional workers who wants to bring to your table more than a great wine, a unique experience from Chilean terroir.


The harvest season starts on March and finish at the end of  April when our winemaker finds that the grapes are ready with the right sugar level and flavors.  Our winemaker is also in charge of all the process: from selecting and de-stemming the best grains, to get the best wine of Chile.

采收季节从3月开始,到4月底结束,我们的酿酒师会每天走进葡萄园, 关注每一株果实的成熟度,也负责管理酿造的全部过程: 从挑选和去梗,逐粒优选,这是葡萄酒的品质前提; 从发酵到陈酿,逐一品尝,这是酿造优质葡萄酒的保证

Chiloe Wines has a production capacity of 23 million liters in the most modern winery in Latin America. Here we let the must ferment in more than 300 stainless steel tanks and then the wines are aged during several months in oak barrels, to add more complexity, good structure and pleasant qualities that will make the wines evolve in an elegant way.


Finally, the wine is bottled in one of the modern facilities in south America with outstanding quality control making the final product a unique and special bottle


Chiloe wines is also winner of international medals such as IWC, Decanter, Citadelle du Vin, IWSC, and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, as others.

奇洛埃葡萄酒还荣获多项国际葡萄酒大赛奖项,如国际葡萄酒挑战赛(IWC)、品醇客Decanter、法国西塔莱葡萄酒大赛Citadelle du Vin、中国葡萄酒大赛IWSC和德国布鲁塞尔葡萄酒大赛Concours Mondial de Bruxelles等国际奖项

Chiloe Wines is responsible and the creator of a unique Project: Waving Goldfish Wines.

In this project, Chiloe Wines put all the effort to bring an outstanding line of wines, from Classic Level to Family Reserve wines.

舞动金鱼系列产品是奇洛埃葡萄酒的核心品牌, 酒庄致力将所有心血和努力用于这款产品,从经典级到家族珍藏无不倾注酿酒师的激情与梦想。

Waving Goldfish is also a tribute of perfection and beauty. This Goldfish comes from cold water is worldwide recognized and is also present in Chilean ocean.


Waving goldfish is a reflection of perfection, beauty, and excellence.  It is also a similitude with wine. A wine that will sparkle with perfection and care from classic to high end wines.

作为我们的品牌形象,舞动的金鱼更是完美和卓越的象征,是我们对于我们产品和我们追求的最佳诠释,舞动金鱼系列葡萄酒,将带着我们的期许和梦想来到您的身边, 无论是易饮随心的经典款还是高贵典雅的家族珍藏款,相信总有打动您内心的一款

Enjoy Waving Goldfish Wines, a unique project from Chiloe Wines.

品味舞动金鱼, 品味独特智利, 品味奇洛埃!